Visiting Instructor -Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

Department Chair Joleen Greenwood Teaching Recommendation

Instructor – Syracuse University

Part-time Faculty Performance Evaluation by Department Chair Christine Himes

Teaching Assistant – Syracuse University

Excerpts from departmental Annual Reviews during my time as a TA


“I have greatly appreciated Tracy’s work as a TA during the fall of 2012 and spring of 2013. She is responsible and responsive and has done a good job of establishing rapport with the students. She was particularly helpful in my Soc 300 course, for which I asked her to be responsible for organizing and assisting students in their volunteer placements. She does a great job with grading and I suspect will develop into an effective instructor. I think that teaching her own course this summer will be a good experience for her, but I’m going to continually urge her to keep her focus on developing her dissertation prospectus.” – Professor Gretchen Purser


“Tracy has been a T.A. for me for two semesters (SOC 433 and SOC 248). Her duties include: grading, attending to required uploads on the courseweb and maintaining and updating all course and assignment-related lists, advising students, answering student e-mails, preparing and delivering at least one lecture (optional), helping to identify relevant class materials. Tracy has gone above and beyond the call of duty. She is meticulous in her grading and does a great job of evaluating students and giving them suggestions for improvement. She is well organized and I depend on her for keeping class records up-to-date. She is very thorough in her dealings with students, is attentive to their problems and complaints, and is good about letting me know what’s going on. She has become indispensable as an assistant. All in all, I am very satisfied with the role she has played as a T.A. I have high praises for her performance.” – Professor Cecilia Green


“Ms. Peterchak was assigned to work with me this academic year. Accordingly, we worked together in the Social Problems course (Fall 2010) and again this spring (2011) in the same course. Ms. Peterchak came to SU/me with significant prior experience. She already had her MA and had taught Social Problems herself at Nazareth College last yr. before coming to Syracuse. Accordingly, I have been able to rely on her prior experience and at times we have been able to ‘tag team’ in the classroom. I have encouraged her more active participation in the classroom and especially this semester, she has contributed her own presentations/lectures. Her experience has been especially helpful given the bout of shingles with which I began the semester and which has robbed me of my accustomed energy. Having observed Ms. Peterchak at the lectern on several occasions this semester and last, I would judge that she is competent and able to handle the Social Problems course on her own. She has done an excellent job in both semesters with 102. So much so that I am tempted to ask for her again as TA, though I know it would be of greater benefit to her to have the experience of TA-ing with another instructor and in another course. Indeed, as I noted I think she will be ready to teach a course on her own, sometime next yr.”  – Professor Arthur Paris

Indiana University of Pennsylvania – Teaching Assistant

Letter of Endorsement from Professor Rosalyn Darling